There are various elaborate steps involved in the process right from creating the perfect design to making an impeccable designer piece.

The finalized designs are traced or drafted on the tracing paper serving as a blueprint of the design/pattern. In India this is also referred as the ‘artwork’.

In case of embroidery swatches, the tracing paper is perforated with very tiny holes, punched in manually thus outlining the design in order to transfer the design on the fabric.

This design on the punched tracing paper is then superimposed on the fabric using a special solution.

This solution in turn seeps into the tiny holes created during the punching process, thereby defining a clear outline of the design.

Next is the painstaking and fastidious process of embroidering which is done using frames to hold the fabric. This is done as per the required color schemes and the individual techniques as per the original sample or swatch. At every stage, the piece is closely supervised and constantly compared to the original design so that if in case of any deviation, it can be immediately rectified.
Our skilled Pattern-makers create precise patterns considering the smallest details and to the exact measurements as specified beforehand.
Our stitching department works punctiliously and tirelessly to ensure that each garment is stitched to perfection. Every single detail is given utmost attention.
Right from the initial stages, our Quality Control team checks every piece for dimensional accuracy and ensures that the finishing is perfect.

The Sampling lead times are usually 1 to 2 weeks and Production lead times 4 to 6 weeks depending on the quantity and intensity of the production.

As part of additional customer-service, we also offer to do the Sourcing. Right from doing embroideries and beading for haute – couture and prĂȘt designers to digital printing, machine embroideries, sourcing images from Indian mythology which can be used for prints on clothing to even sourcing of exclusive fabrics, designs and patterns originating or manufactured in India.

We source our fabrics and embellishments from all over India, Europe and China. At times when clients prefers to use their own fabrics and sourced embellishments, we offer help by handling all the logistics required to import it. Also, many times these materials are precious, we treat them accordingly and guarantee proper maintenance of all the material at our factory.