Our Team

The success of any business is based on the co-ordination between its team members. It is indeed this synergy with which our entire team works, that results in a fantastic experience for our customers leading to long-term business relationships.


Our dedicated team of merchandisers is in constant communication with clients at all times and hence being able to incorporate very single detail. We also allocate a suitably experienced merchandiser on assessing the client’s needs to ensure seamless order execution.


Our creative team consists of highly qualified and experienced embroidery and fashion designers. They work alongside the skilled master artisans who have been weaving magic for the royalties for generations. Clubbing together their creativity and rare skills, they are successful in creating a Master-piece every single time.


We understand that quality is of utmost importance. Hence our QC team is well-trained and provided with special tools like under-lit tables that facilitate minute scrutiny. We follow a strict protocol of dispatching a product only after it has undergone several layers of checks and approved by the Head of QC Team.


It is the prime responsibility of this department to ensure that each and every product is handled with utmost care to avoid any damage in transit. And ascertain their timely deliveries.

Apart from the above teams, our internal administration consists of highly qualified and experienced Human Resources, Finance and IT departments which provide all the necessary support at all times.